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Market Overview



In general, the market for restaurants is well-developed and intensely competitive. As a Franchise Operator you will serve the public and will compete with a variety of businesses from locally-owned to regional, national and chain restaurants. Competition is intense, but by closely adhering to our proven methods you will maximize your opportunity to create a profitable restaurant of your own.


While we see competition from other casual Italian-American eateries such as Maggianos, Olive Garden, California Pizza Kitchen, and others, Vincent’s Clam Bar is set apart from the others. We have been voted Long Island’s Best Italian Restaurant 8 years in a row. There have been numerous articles in the press about the quality of our food, word-of-mouth is strong, and we have become a Destination Restaurant for casual Italian dining. In a sea of competitors, we stand apart in terms of the quality of our food and products, service, and overall visit experience.



Available Markets



We are looking to convert or open new restaurants in:


• Connecticut
• New York
• New Jersey
• Washington DC
• Pennsylvania
• Florida
• Indiana
• Massachusetts
• North Carolina
• South Carolina
• Delaware



Designated Territories



We may establish other Vincent’s Clam Bar Restaurants in your area (if permitted under the Franchise Agreement) and/or sell or license others to sell products in your area.


Your territory will not be exclusive, and you may face competition from other Vincent’s outlets (i.e. non-traditional sites, retail outlets, etc.). We may also sell products via the internet, toll-free telephone numbers, catalogs, and more. These products may be distributed to locations in your designated territory.


Note that your Designed Territory may vary in size from other Franchisees and will be based upon population figures in your area.



Leveraging Our Success



The goal of our Franchise program is to not only continue to strengthen and expand our Brand, but also to make available a proven, reliable methodology for a successful restaurant business for our Franchise Operators. While we have a long history on Long Island and in New York’s Little Italy, there is a market and demand for quality Italian-American food and products all over the United States. We’ve had success for well over a century and continue to expand our offerings, and to meet the evolving needs of our guests. As a Franchise Operator, you will have an opportunity to learn from and leverage our market success in the creation of your own business.


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